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The hailstorms in Missouri that can cause damage to roofing, siding, gutters, & windows are common. Roof Bros Restoration has performed thousands of hail damage roof inspections throughout Missouri.

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Hail damage on your roof?

Here’s what to look for.

Hail damage is obvious when shingles are torn off the roof or tree branches fall, but minor damage can be difficult to spot. Get a roof inspection from a trained professional to assess the damage on your roof.

Your gutters are the most likely place to find hail damage. High-impact hail will dent your gutters and/or downspouts most commonly, so check them first when looking for signs of roof damage. It is likely that you will have problems with your roof if you have dents and dings in your gutters and downspouts.

As shingles shed granules when hail hits them, gutters can also clog due to granules. Overflowing and clogged gutters can indicate your roof has been damaged by hail.

Your siding is the second place you should look for signs of hail damage. Your deck is also a good indicator of shingle damage after a bad hailstorm. You should get your roof inspected if your siding or deck have hail damage.


Size of hail

Asphalt shingle roofs can easily be damaged by hail up to 1" wide (nickel size), but the extent of the damage may vary depending on the roof type, age, and condition.


Signs of damage from the ground

Generally, hail damage results in a substantial accumulation of shingle granules (similar to coarse sand) in your gutters or downspouts after a hailstorm. A roof inspection should be scheduled immediately if you notice dark, black circles on your shingles.

How does hail damage your roof?

Learn how hail can damage your roof.

Different factors can affect the extent of hail roof damage: hail size, wind speed, wind direction, roof material, age and slope all affect the potential amount of roof damage that may occur during a hailstorm. When hail damages a roof, it can lead to leaks and other problems.

Damage can be functional or cosmetic, and the cosmetic damage can be more severe than it looks. Broken edges, bruises, punctures, and granule loss are examples of cosmetic problems that can be much more serious than they seem.

Loss of Granules

Granule Loss

Granule loss at points of impact, accompanied by surface depression, can expose the asphalt coating directly to the elements. Loss of mineral granules as a result of storm damage can occur immediately or over time.

Exposed Fiberglass Mat

Exposed Fiberglass Mat

A fiberglass mat exposed after hail damaged the granule-asphalt surfacing and caused it to come away from the fiberglass mat.

Fractured Fiberglass Mat

Fractured Fiberglass Mat

Fractured fiberglass mats may result in tears radiating out from their points of impact. Hidden cracks and tears may eventually develop when the shingles age.

Weakened Self Seal Strip

Weakened self-seal strip

Damage to the self-seal strip that might not be immediately visible, but might weaken the seal integrity, potentially leading to future shingle blow-offs.

Next steps to take.

Step 1 - Roof Inspection - v2

Step 1

Get a roof inspection

Call Roof Bros Restoration for a free roof inspection. We will perform a comprehensive inspection, take measurements, and identify the problem.

Step 2 - Get it Tarped - Blue

Step 2

Get it Tarped

Water may enter your house through severely hail-damaged shingles or cracked skylights. Roof Bros Restoration technicians will secure temporary tarping over problem areas to keep water out while you determine your next step.

Step 3 - Get your leaking roof repaired - v2

Step 3

File A Claim

Your hail damage roof repair options and your homeowner's insurance coverage will be explained to you. We can help you navigate the insurance claim process, provide you with hail damage roof replacement options, and get to work immediately.

Insurance Claim Guide

Have insurance claims questions?

Giving you peace of mind for years to come.

You should immediately contact our team if you suspect your roof has experienced damage due to a storm. As your roof is the most important infrastructure element of your space, our team is here to guide you through the process. We know which products work best for Missouri's climate because of our years of experience. We have a specific process we use so that we can assist you with roof repair or replacement that is economical and suitable for your needs.

Here's how we can help you

Using the highest quality materials and decades of installation experience, Roof Bros Restoration has built a reputation for reliable experts who provide exceptional service. Each project conducted by Roof Bros Restoration is tailored to fit your needs with the highest quality materials.


1-inspections - v2 - Square


Let us take a look.

A friendly, uniformed consultant conducts a complete roof, siding, and gutter inspection; then our consultant takes measurements to determine if any repair is necessary, all while getting to know your home.


2-estimates - v2 - square


Consider your options.

Our team will provide you with cost estimates and a sample that meets your budget and needs. We will help you decide which styles, colors, and price ranges make the most sense for your project.


3-financing - v2 - square


Keep it simple.

Cash and checks are accepted, as well as all major credit cards. Monthly payments are affordable, and we can get you approved for financing within ten minutes.


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Get it done

Hassle no more.

Typically, we order the materials, schedule the installation, process all permits, and take care of the logistics. You only pay to us when the work is completed to your satisfaction.

More roof problems you could be experiencing.

We give you options.

You decide what works best for you.


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They were nothing but professional. Honest and upfront about everything and helped navigate the insurance company questions and the entire process. Very transparent as well which is a nice touch.

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Had such a great experience with this company from start to finish. The entire process was so simple and everyone was very professional through out everything. Would 10/10 recommend this company for any and all roofing repairs.

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Roof Bros did a great job on our roof this past month. They were very accurate and got everything covered by our insurance company too. We highly recommend them and give them five stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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They are reliable and trust worthy which is huge for me in todays market and a side from that the price of the job wasn't overwhelming not to motion they are very knowledgeable about their job

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They are very knowledgeable and professional. Good attention to details.

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Always on time, and very courteous! Very helpful, understanding, and thorough.

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HIGHLY recommend. Great efficient service.

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These guys were fantastic and showed so much empathy to us first time homeowners! Our first storm was horrible and they walked us through everything we needed to know to get things taken care of quickly. Much appreciated!

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Didn’t take long at all … Great Job

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Roof Bros Restoration did a very professional and spot on job recently on our roof! We highly recommend them!

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Amazing and fast service, they had installed a brand new roof for my new home when I bought it. I have never met employees who work so well together and who do amazing customer service and fast time, good visual cues of jobs when they graduate. the owner of the company called months after the end of the job to make sure I was happy with the work done for him and his team, I will NOT look at another roofing company for any ongoing projects and I will recommend it to everyone I know.

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